Hypnosis/Trance: an altered state of awareness and focused attention within which suggestions have a particularly potent effect, allowing our mind/body connection to be strengthened

The U. S. Government defines hypnosis as “The bypass of the critical factor of the conscious mind and the establishment of acceptable selective thinking.”



What can trance do for you?  

CAN YOU BE HYPNOTIZED?  As reported in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY” (Jan./Feb. 2001): "Contrary to popular belief, practically everyone – about 95% of all people can be hypnotized to some degree.  The only question is how far."

The current understanding in neuroscience estimates that 95% of our daily experience is in an unconscious trance like state. We are on automatic pilot most of the time. So the question becomes do you want that 95% to work for you or against you. Simply put, hypnosis lets you control that 95% through the integration of:


Hypnosis: Brain

hypno brainOur brain really consists of three parts and two lobes, all functioning seamlessly. However, often at odds in our brains is the capacity to function fluidly versus productively. Our brain often lets the older parts work counter to our newest additions. The older areas, or the reptilian and old mammal brains as they are often referred to (brain stem, cerebellum and limbic system), often override and unduly influence the newer brain (cerebral cortex and prefrontal cortex) contained in our right and left hemispheres (sensing/feeling and logical/analytical). Instinct and survival through fight or flight responses frequently overwhelm our rational goal-directed selves. The older areas of our brain containing negative emotional imprinting speak a different language and operate below the threshold of awareness. When trance is utilized for change, these older parts can be accessed, and change is obtained.

 Hypnosis: Body

hypno mind body.jpg

Therefore if emotional imprints result in limiting beliefs, what role do they play in the physical problems we experience?   Typically, the older parts of the brain attempt to distract the newer parts from gaining awareness of our emotional imprints through misdirection with physical symptoms and disorders. The various symptoms and disorders can range from mild to debilitating and fall under the general heading of psychogenic. Symptoms can be turned up or turned off with seemingly no physical cause (think blushing, a tickle in our throat or not recognizing that we've been severely injured). When our emotional imprint is more substantial, the symptoms can become hysterical and psychosomatic in nature (cases involving loss of eyesight or autoimmune diseases) resulting in structural changes to the body, with no apparent physical causes. The network that the body utilizes in carrying out these imprints consists of the various physiological systems of the body communicating via molecules called peptides. These molecules are important participants in the intercommunication between brain and body. Depending on the severity of the physical symptom presented, the impact of the imprint can be determined. Trance allows us to contact our deep emotion and re-imprint ourselves with a new purpose.


Hypnosis: Mind


Hypno4Our mind is a collection of memories, knowledge and various identities we have adopted, all existing through a range of awareness. This range is typically experienced as being awake and alert, daydreaming, and asleep. The more remote areas of awareness are home to aspects of ourselves we know as: behaviors, habits, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and values. To get a grasp of how large and impactful these deeper areas of our mind are, consider what neuroscience is currently proposing. Recent research estimates that 95% of our total cognitive functioning is below our awareness. Functions like sleep, digestion, and emotional response all happen without our conscious attention. However, below awareness most of our thinking, values, and concepts of our self also exist. Most of the information that you receive you respond to secondhand and that most of what gives your life meaning is 95% unknown, it is definitely beneficial to tap into this huge wellspring. The goal of trance is simple: open communication between all levels of the mind thereby allowing deeper emotions and knowledge to integrate into our lives and identities.


Does your life feel as if you're on a hamster wheel spinning past the same un-resolved issues? Does your purpose seem to be elusive, unattainable, or defined as living out some mysterious karmic debt? Many people feel guilty or angry for thinking so dramatically, but on some level, it does feel appropriate. We hurt more than we think is humanly possible and yet feel more alone and cut off from those we love than ever before. When we can't seem to accept or understand our grief and loss, shame and guilt, trauma and injury, life can seem very cruel and uncaring. I can help you gain the recognition, the acceptance, and the healing you need to move on with your life. I'll help you to connect mind, brain, and body so that you can work smarter, not harder, to manifest the life that you deserve. When you choose trance to accomplish your goals, you'll find it easy, relaxing and empowering. I work with my clients to get not only answers but also the skills and confidence to continue their lifelong journey. My training in Ericksonian and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) methods of hypnosis, in addition to my expertise in Cutting Edge approaches of transpersonal psychology and somatic medicine equal profound and efficient benefits for my clients.  Whether you're struggling with weight-loss issues, wanting to give up smoking once and for all, seeking life-renewing relief from trauma, or are determined to get that extra performance edge, I'll help you take control. Neuro-science clearly shows that people are heavily influenced by their subconscious minds. Our values, beliefs, automatic thinking, and spontaneous emotional reactions rule our lives. My unique approach with hypnosis helps you discover limiting concepts that define you and your world and continually hold you back. Hypnosis can erase old unproductive habits and replace them with empowering, functional skills, all while you learn to relax more deeply than you ever dreamed possible. Hypnosis cannot make you want to do something. Hypnosis simply gives you access to powerful tools to accomplish what you desire! My clients have focused their desire to change in the following areas: Weight-loss; smoking cessation; addiction; trauma; phobias; public speaking fears; athletic performance; painful break-ups; erectile dysfunction; past lives regression; goal(s) attainment. Let me assist you as we work towards a whole and healthy you.