A meme I read recently stated, “I am a simple person with a complicated mind”, with which I couldn't agree more.

translucent brain waves for Ind pageWe've got a lot of activity going on up there in our heads.  And it's been my experience that not one user's manual has been offered to help us manage our rational minds. Let me help. My collaborative approach helps you regain control of your life.  We work together to add cutting-edge skills and impactful psychological understandings, while expanding your insight. My approach in working with my clients is blended: a foundation of theory mixed with real-world experience. I've grown from my twenty plus years of service. The therapeutic approaches I draw upon (NLP, CACIII, Hypnotherapy, Thought-field therapy, Cognitive-behavioral), can now be tailored to produce unique and personalized approaches and outcomes for all that seek growth. Everyone has a story to tell, let me help you tell it.